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The Dutch multinational consumer goods giant, is a household name synonymous with quality and innovation. But beyond its global reach, Unilever boasts a vibrant tapestry of brands, each catering to specific needs and taste buds. Today, we delve into six culinary gems from Unilever’s crown: Calvé, Calvé Proef, Andrelon, Unilever Food Solutions, Unox, and Knorr.

Calvé: The Dutch Delicacy Duo

Calvé, established in 1883, is a Dutch icon, reigning supreme in the realm of mayonnaise and peanut butter. Its rich, creamy mayonnaise, crafted with premium ingredients like free-range eggs and sunflower oil, has become a national treasure, gracing sandwiches, salads, and even French fries. For the discerning palate, Calvé Proef, launched in 2019, offers a gourmet experience with unique blends like truffle mayonnaise and sriracha mayonnaise.

Andrelon: Pampering the Crowning Glory

Andrelon, founded in 1919, has been a trusted confidante for generations of women when it comes to hair care. From nourishing shampoos and conditioners to invigorating hair masks and styling products, Andrelon caters to diverse hair types and needs. With its commitment to natural ingredients and gentle formulas, Andrelon promises healthy, radiant locks, ready to take on the world.

Unilever Food Solutions: The Chef’s Secret Weapon

Behind the scenes of culinary masterpieces lies Unilever Food Solutions, a dedicated team catering to the demanding world of professional chefs. From high-quality ingredients like dehydrated vegetables and frozen fruits to innovative sauces and flavorings, Unilever Food Solutions empowers chefs to create delectable dishes and optimize their kitchens. Whether it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant or a bustling bistro, Unilever Food Solutions is the silent partner, ensuring culinary consistency and excellence.

Unox: Convenience Meets Comfort

For busy families and time-pressed individuals, Unox offers a haven of convenience and comfort. Its range of canned and frozen meals, from hearty stews and pasta dishes to quick soups and single-serve options, provides delicious, nutritious solutions for every mealtime. Unox emphasizes balanced ingredients and wholesome recipes, ensuring that even on the go, you can savor a satisfying and guilt-free meal.

Knorr: The Global Spice Symphony

Knorr, a name synonymous with flavor exploration, has been tantalizing taste buds worldwide since 1838. From its iconic bouillon cubes and simmer sauces to its diverse range of seasonings and ready-to-use meal kits, Knorr brings the world’s culinary traditions to your kitchen. Whether it’s a Thai green curry or a hearty Italian minestrone, Knorr simplifies global flavors, making it easy to embark on a delicious culinary adventure without leaving your doorstep.

Beyond the Brands: A Shared Commitment to Quality

What unites these diverse brands under the Unilever umbrella is a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Unilever prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients, responsible manufacturing practices, and environmental consciousness, ensuring that its products not only delight but also leave a positive footprint on the world.

A Final Bite: Embracing the Culinary Tapestry

Unilever’s culinary portfolio is a testament to the company’s understanding of diverse palates and needs. From Dutch delicacies to global flavors, from kitchen convenience to professional expertise, each brand offers a unique piece of the culinary puzzle. So, the next time you reach for a jar of Calvé mayonnaise, a bottle of Andrelon shampoo, or a box of Unox lasagna, remember that you’re not just choosing a product; you’re embarking on a delicious journey through the diverse and vibrant world of Unilever.

This exploration is just a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Unilever’s culinary offerings. Each brand deserves a deeper dive, a chance to unravel its unique story and savor its distinct flavors. So, go forth, explore, and discover the perfect ingredient for your culinary masterpiece, courtesy of Unilever’s diverse and delectable world.


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