Holiday Destash Ornament, by Candy Carlile

A Blue Sea Turtle Ornament- a piece of blue sea glass, filigree pendant and a discarded blue earring

I am forever picking up pretty focals with the best intentions of making them into lovely necklaces, brooches or bracelets.

Holiday Destash Ornament, by Candy Carlile

Brass Elephant Ornament- antique brass pendant, filigree,wire,bead frame and green Malachite bead

Alas, many of these wonderful pieces never make it to my work table and sit unloved in one of my many jewelry baskets.

Holiday Destash Ornament, by Candy Carlile

Crystal Faith Angel Wing Ornament-angel wings with AB crystals, cross, wire, Faith charm

So this year, I decided to make them into Christmas tree ornaments with beads, wire, sea glass, ribbon and an assortment of odds and ends from my stash. An easy and fun way to spin the holiday magic!

Candy Carlile
Texas Woman


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