KFC Malaysia Menu
KFC Malaysia Menu


Hello, foodies! Your quest for the latest KFC Malaysia Menu ends here. As per trendingfashionhub, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide featuring the updated 2024 menu along with prices sourced directly from official KFC Malaysia channels. Whether you’re a fan of the iconic Original Recipe chicken or craving one of their delectable meals, this post is your ultimate resource for all things KFC in Malaysia. From classic buckets to innovative additions, explore the diverse offerings that cater to every palate. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and mouthwatering delights that make KFC a beloved choice for chicken enthusiasts across Malaysia. Indulge in the finger-lickin’ goodness with confidence, knowing the menu and prices are straight from the official KFC Malaysia sources.

Let’s explore them in detail:

KFC Limited Time Only Menu

Item Price 
Banana Chocolate Balls (5 Pieces) 7.49 MYR
Golden Matcha Balls (5 Pieces) 9.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy Meal 26.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (2 Pieces)(Combo) 19.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (3 Pieces)(Combo) 25.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (6 Pieces)(Combo) 50.49 MYR
Extra Spicy And Crispy (10 Pieces)(Combo) 84.49 MYR

Menu KFC Family Buckets

Item Price 
Variety Box C 93.60 MYR
Variety Box B 78.60 MYR
Variety Box A 58.60 MYR
15 Pieces Combo 99.99 MYR
9 Pieces Combo 68.99 MYR
5 Pieces Combo 42.99 MYR
10 Pieces Celebration Bucket 85.99 MYR
12 Pieces Celebration Bucket 74.99 MYR
6 Pieces Celebration Bucket 50.49 MYR
KFC Prices – Box Meals
Item Price 
Twister Box 21.49 MYR
Snacker Box 12.99 MYR
Cheezillia Box 27.49 MYR
Stacker Box 25.49 MYR
Cheesy Zinger Box 21.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker Box 20.49 MYR
Classic Classic Box 17.49 MYR
Classic Signature Box 21.49 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Burger Meal 21.99 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Deluxe Box 22.99 MYR
Golden Egg Crunch Box Meal 25.49 MYR
KFC Menu Price – Chicken
Item Price 
15 Pieces Chicken 91.99 MYR
9 PiecesChicken 56.30 MYR
5 Pieces Chicken 33.49 MYR
3 PiecesChicken 20.49 MYR
2 PiecesChicken 14.10 MYR
Without Drink Snack Plate 15.99 MYR
Without Drink Dinner Plate 20.49 MYR
1 Pieces Rice (Combo) 13.49 MYR
2 Pieces Rice (Combo) 17.99 MYR
1 Piece Nasi Lemak (Combo) 15.49 MYR
Nasi Lemak Combo Zinger Fillet 17.49 MYR
2 Pieces Nasi Lemak (Combo) 19.99 MYR
Snack Plate (Combo) 17.99 MYR
Dinner Plate (Combo) 22.49 MYR
2 Pieces Golden Egg Crunch (Combo) 19.49 MYR
3 Pieces Golden Egg Crunch (Combo) 24.49 MYR

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KFC Price Menu – Twister And Burger

Item Price 
Combo Cheezy Twister 17.99 MYR
Cheezilla Zinger 20.49 MYR
Stacker Zinger 18.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker 10.99 MYR
Colonel Stacker 11.99 MYR
Classic Colonel 8.49 MYR
Classic Zinger 13.49 MYR
Cheezilla Zinger (Combo) 24.49 MYR
Stacker Zinger (Combo) 22.49 MYR
Cheezy Zinger (Combo) 18.49 MYR
Colonel Stacker (Combo) 15.99 MYR
Classic Colonel (Combo) 13.49 MYR
Classic Zinger (Combo) 16.99 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Burger (Combo) 18.49 MYR
O.R. Cheesy Deluxe (Combo) 18.49 MYR
Golden Egg Burger 15.49 MYR
Golden Egg Burger (Combo) 18.99 MYR

KFC Tenders And Nuggets

Item Price 
Crispy Tenders Combo B 20.49 MYR
Crispy Tenders Combo A 19.49 MYR
Nuggets (6 Pieces) 10.49 MYR
Nuggets (9 Pieces) 14.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (6 Pieces) 10.49 MYR
Crispy Tender Combo A 14.49 MYR
Nuggets (6 Pieces)(Combo) 15.49 MYR
Nuggets (9 Pieces)(Combo) 18.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (6 Pieces)(Combo) 15.49 MYR
Spicy Nuggets (9 Pieces)(Combo) 18.49 MYR

KFC Malaysia Kids Meal

Item Price 
Kid Meal Set D 13.99MYR
Kid Meal Set C 12.99 MYR
Kid Meal Set B 12.99 MYR
Kid Meal Set A 12.99 MYR

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KFC Malaysia Add-on Sides Menu

Item Price 
White Face Mask 5.90 MYR
Life Chili Sauce 5.90 MYR
Hard-Boiled Egg 4.00 MYR
Sambal Sauce 2.49 MYR
Kari Atuk 3.50 MYR
Spicy BBQ Sauce 2.00 MYR
Mustard And Smoke Sauce 2.00 MYR
Onion Sauce With Sour Cream 2.00 MYR
Dipidaps Dip 8.00 MYR
Butterscotch Bun 0.90 MYR
5 Pieces Of Golden Matcha 2.00 MYR
Medium Wedges 4.99 MYR
Large Wedges 6.80 MYR
4 Oz Coleslaw 3.99 MYR
14 Oz Coleslaw 8.49 MYR
Potato Whipped 4 Oz 3.99 MYR
14 Oz Potato Whipped 8.49 MYR
Crisper Fries Medium 4.99 MYR
Crisper Fries Large 6.80 MYR
Chicken PoPiecesorn 12.49 MYR
Colonel Rice 3.70 MYR
Nasi Lemak 3.70 MYR
Loaded Potato Bowl 7.49 MYR
Cheesy PoPiecesorn Bowl 7.49 MYR
5 PiecesCheese And Spinach PoPiecesorn 6.99 MYR
5 Pieces Shrimp Nuggets 9.49 MYR
5 Pieces Banana Chocolate Balls 7.49 MYR
5 Pieces Golden Matcha 9.49 MYR

KFC Beverages Menu

Item Price 
White Coffee (Hot) 5.70 MYR
Mango Peach Sjora (Small) 4.99 MYR
Zero Sugar Coca-Cola (Large) 4.99 MYR
Iced Milo (Small) 5.70 MYR
Mango Peach Sjora (Medium) 5.99 MYR
Minute Maid Refresh Orange (Medium) 5.99 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Large) 4.99 MYR
Earth And Heaven Ice Lemon Tea (Medium) 5.99 MYR
Iced Milo (Medium) 6.80 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Large) 5.70 MYR
Sprite (Large) 5.70 MYR
Coca-Cola (Large) 4.70 MYR
Zero Sugar Coca-Cola (Medium) 5.70 MYR
Fanta Strawberry (Medium) 4.70 MYR
Sprite (Medium) 4.70 MYR
Coca-Cola (Medium) 4.70 MYR
Coca Cola (Medium) 4.70 MYR

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-try signature items on KFC Malaysia’s menu?

Discover the iconic and signature dishes that KFC Malaysia is known for, setting it apart from other fast-food options.

Are there any special promotions or limited-time offers available on KFC Malaysia’s menu?

Stay informed about any ongoing promotions or limited-time offers, ensuring you can make the most of your KFC dining experience.

Do KFC Malaysia outlets offer exclusive menu items catering to local tastes?

Explore whether KFC Malaysia features menu items that incorporate local flavors or are unique to the Malaysian market, providing a personalized touch.

How frequently does KFC Malaysia introduce new items or update its menu?

Stay up-to-date on the frequency of menu updates, ensuring you’re in the know about the latest additions and changes to KFC Malaysia’s offerings.

Are there any vegetarian or healthier options available on KFC Malaysia’s menu?

Explore the menu for vegetarian or healthier alternatives, understanding the range of choices available for those with specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

KFC Malaysia Outlets Location & Opening Hours

There are almost 750 outlets of KFC in Malaysia, and their opening hours are:

Opening Hours: Monday To Sunday (10:00 AM To 10:00 PM)

All the information there in this post is based on the following official sources of KFC Malaysia:

Locate KFC Malaysia outlets and plan your visits with ease by checking their convenient opening hours. Enjoy your KFC experience!


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