We’ve reached that awkward time of year when we’re more or less ready for autumn to arrive, while still trying to enjoy what remains of summer. The weather is unpredictable at best, though, and with a new season mindset creeping in, can you really blame us for starting to plan ahead with thoughts of light jacket layers

There’s plenty of styles starting to drop in the new-in sections right now, from updated denim jackets to classic trench coats, but two years on there’s still one all-weather ready jacket our editors and fellow fashion people are turning to first—Frankie Shop’s Quilted Ripstock Jacket.

When the oversized, lightly padded jacket was first released in 2021, it instantly garnered a huge fanbase, and for the last two years it’s been hard to avoid seeing it on Instagram—whatever the season.  Naturally, the style sold out at record speed that first year, but luckily it’s since been restocked again and again, allowing it to become a classic wardrobe item, rather than just a flash in the pan “It” buy.  

And it’s not only us who’s dusting ours off again. As the weather cools ever so slightly we’re spotting this perfect between-season style everywhere once again—including on our stylishly blessed contributors Jessica Skye and Monikh Dale, who have helpfully shared multiple ways to wear it on their respective Instagram accounts… 


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