Before each season I try to make a concise list that includes the capsule pieces I wore most last year, and those that I felt like I was really missing. For autumn, I’ve thought long and hard about what I, as an editor and stylist, will genuinely wear day to day, as well as what I would really recommend for anyone trying to build an autumn wardrobe full of really useful pieces. Whatever your style, the below twelve classics can either be built on with more (or your existing) neutral staples, or interspersed with pretty florals, bold brights and sparkly heels if that’s more your vibe—but it’s a starting point. 

Most of these items are no brainers—the trench coat, the black loafer, the striped knit, for example—that you might already have thought of. But, most importantly, below I’ve added in shopping links for each key piece, directing you to the best of the best versions on the market right now, across both high street and designer price points. You’re welcome! Keep scrolling to see what to buy for autumn… 


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