Ever since the tech-inspired Spring 2020 campaign which saw Jennifer Lopez outshine Kendall Jenner, photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott have remained firm faves of Donatella Versace when it comes to lensing Versace’s mainline fashion advertising campaigns.
Following a solo Emily Ratajkowski as the face and embodiment of the ultimate Versace woman last season, multi-girl casting is back (with a vengeance) for Fall 2023 as Donatella welcomes a whole host of faces for the luxury Italian fashion house’s latest campaign proposal. Models Angelina Kendall, Diane Chiu, Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Karolina Spakowski, Sava Suvacarov, Liu Wen and Anok Yai join forces for the occasion, coming together in M&M’s photographic studio to roam a stark white set while showcasing Donatella’s impeccably tailored and structured collection which simply come alive throughout the series of crisp and monochromatic black and white campaign images.

Ultimately, Versace’s latest was not exactly well received by our unfiltered forum members. “Already a NO for me. Where is creativity these days?” asked DK92.
“Atrocious. These clothes look so undesirable,” noted Nimsay.
“My immediate thought upon seeing this was ‘boring AF’ and I’m standing by it… because this just ain’t it. Not even a Richard Avedon reference is enough for me this time around – it’s all just so dull, flat, lifeless and rather depressing,” an unforgiving vogue28 commented.
Also far from enthralled was avonlea002, questioning: “Is it that hard to compose a photograph these days? It just always feels like they let the models walk around and randomly take photos. M&M just got so lazy. Most of the established creatives got lazy. This industry needs a shake up because the state it’s in right now is pathetic.”
Await more from Versace’s Fall 2023 campaign and be sure to join the conversation, here.


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