TikTok has became a haven for fashion people. Whether it’s spotting the new viral item, or discovering breakthrough small businesses, there’s a lot to gleam from this particular app. But what I’m most fascinated by is how TikTok puts names ideas I’ve never been able to find the words to (like the 2×2 outfit formula), and right now I’m here to share the recently coined ‘wrong shoe theory’. 

The premise is simple, and certainly effective. Once you’ve built your outfit you finish it with what would historically be considered the ‘wrong’ shoe. The idea of the wrong shoe normally comes from it being a different style to the rest of the outfit, but there in lies the beauty of it. It’s that mix of hard and soft, tailored and relaxed, cutesy and edgy, structured and loose that adds the depth and individuality to set these looks apart. You’ve probably spotted the format before but maybe not known the name for it, with tailored trousers paired with sunny day sandals, or a floaty skirt and chunky boots, or baggy jeans and delicate ballet flats. Now that it has a name the whole idea becomes easier to not only spot, but in turn replicate in our own wardrobes. The best thing about mixing styles through shoes is that they don’t take away from the actual outfit. If you add a leather jacket to a floaty summer dress, you’ll definitely add intrigue, but it also covers up the dress where a shoe won’t. 

I’ve added six outfit ideas to show the power of the wrong shoe theory, and exactly how to recreate it to add an edge and re-enthuse your wardrobe with a simple shoe. 


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