The bob is a huge trend with celebrities right now, and lucky for readers with thin hair, it’s also the best option to give hair the appearance of my volume, according to experts. “When looking to add volume or the illusion that your hair is thicker than it is, I always tell my clients to keep the length above the shoulders,” says hairstylist and beauty expert Nick Stenson. “When hair can move without any break in the shoulder, it will have more volume and bounce.”

There’s a bob option for everyone from a long bob to a French bob. Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis says, a “mid-length bob can give the illusion of longer hair” when really it’s cut above the chest. “A strong chin-length Bob is always a winner,” according to Stenson. Celebrity hairstylist Kieron Justin Fowles agrees short to “mid-length bobs can give the illusion of fuller hair through the perimeter.” Fowles recommends pairing a bob with invisible layers or side bangs or simply keeping it at one length.

The French bob is another option. For this, you would “cut at chin length and usually cut blunt, bringing the weight of the hair way up, which will give you a lighter feeling whether its tousled air dry or blown out straight,” says Francis. Then there’s the Italian bob, which is slightly different, cut below the chin and above the shoulders.

“Paired with invisible layers, a bob can really be effective for fine hair and add volume and shape without taking away too much weight from the hair,” says Fowles. “With the invisible layers working on creating subtle but effective details in the hair, this will encourage and create lift and enhance movement.”

It may seem like longer hair offers more styling options, but Francis explains that length can defeat volume. “In this case, you would think to bring up the length to give some lift to your fine hair just by taking a few inches off.” However, “for those of you who are more attached to your long length, fear not. You can also opt for a longer shape/length and go for the invisible layer technique,” says Fowles. “For those who want more statement and shape, blunt layers are the best direction. They will add volume but also build up weight in the process. You can also pair this with a blunt fringe of face-framing subtle shaping.” Celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of The Beachwaver Co Sarah Potempa feels that a blunt cut helps to make the hair look thicker.

More expert tips on achieving more volume with thin hair


Talk to your stylist about layers

The experts are split on layers. Stenson suggests staying away from a lot of layers, and Potempa agrees that prominent layers can make the ends of the hair look even thinner. On the other hand, Justin recommends opting for invisible layers, and Francis says long layers help create volume. We recommend you chat with your stylist before you sit down for your cut to get their professional opinion on whether your fine hair would do better with or without layers.



Consider bangs

Francis recommends considering curtain bangs or French girl bangs since they allow the hair to shape and frame the face adding all sorts of movement.” It draws the focus of attention to the eyes, which in turn gives a feeling of volume,” he explains.

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