Elaine Offers is the expert makeup artist behind many of Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw’s recent looks. As makeup connoisseurs we couldn’t help but notice a trend that keeps popping up: Merit. In a recent Instagram, Offers revealed that she “used Merit products for the first and second seasons of And Just Like That. The elegant and natural finishes were perfect for Carrie Bradshaw.” She also used Merit products for Parker’s season two premiere look.

Some recurring favorite Merit products used on Bradshaw are the brand’s beloved balms. For the AJLT season two premiere Offers used a handful of balms. “Merit Bronze Balm ($30) in Seine, and Flush Balm ($30) in Fox were applied as a warming halo on the forehead, chin, neck and décolletage,” says Offers. “My favorite—Flush Balm in Cheeky and Day Glow Balm ($32) in Bounce was applied to the apples of the cheeks.”

The Cheeky shade of the Glow Balm seems to also be Carrie Bradshaw–approved. Keen-eyed viewers may have noticed in a recent episode that Bradshaw had some of her favorite items out on the counter, including Merit Balm.

Before applying the balms for Parker’s premiere look, Offers prepped the canvas. She used Great Skin Instant Glow Serum ($38) to hydrate Parker’s skin and give it a gorgeous, healthy, natural-looking glow that helps heighten the look of the balms.


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