The mother of September issues has dropped. The suspense is over and true to speculation on our forums – the original supermodels of the 90s have made a historic comeback.
That’s right, Vogue‘s long-serving editor Anna Wintour welcomes back actual fashion models onto the American fashion bible’s front cover this month – and not just any models. Give it up for Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell who front the title’s monumental and all-important September 2023 edition, reuniting on a magazine cover for the first time in years, decked out in looks from Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Versace and Prada (from left to right), with styling from Edward Enninful and photography from Rafael Pavarotti while the quadruple of modeling icons prove they truly are – the greatest of all time.

US Vogue September 2023 : Linda, Cindy, Christy & Naomi by Rafael Pavarotti

Amazingly, however, the end result had members of our forums divided in their opinion. “God this is aggressively boring and forgettable. Four powerhouses and they are quite literally just there,” critiqued tipi1355.
“So anti-climactic,” HodanChloe chimed in.
“I want to like this but the shoot is almost giving AI levels of airbrushing,” voiced thenewclassic.
MyNameIs wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either, commenting: “The result is very underwhelming. Were they all shot separately? There’s no chemistry between them. No fashion. Honestly, there’s not much of anything other than ‘supers’ on a Vogue cover.”
“It’s great to see the supermodels on a Vogue cover, but the corporate all-black styling sucks all the fashion credibility from the image and makes it seem like a promotional image better suited to The Hollywood Reporter or Entertainment Weekly,” noted WinstonH20.
“We’ve wanted this cover for years. Even if the result is not what we expected, the OG supers are back fronting the September issue of Vogue again,” reasoned ivano.
“What a surprise! I quite like this. Yes, it doesn’t have the supermodel glamour that we’re used to seeing them with but I do think this is somehow refreshing. And will you look at Linda? She looks so gorgeous!” cried out cottonmouth13.
“Linda looks the best, truly the greatest,” MDNA raved.
See more from Vogue‘s spectacular September 2023 offering and join the conversation, here.


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