We all know how important daily sunscreen application is. Wearing SPF is the only way to protect skin from the harmful UV rays that can lead to long-term skin damage, worsen hyperpigmentation, trigger inflammatory skin conditions, speed up the process of skin ageing and even cause skin cancer. What you might not know is that applying your sunscreen in the morning isn’t actually enough to protect you throughout the entire day. 

“The directions of a sunscreen will tell you to reapply every two hours or after towelling, swimming or sweating,” says skincare expert and cosmetic scientist Hannah English-Collingwood. “Ideally, you’d reapply in the same way you did your first application.” Of course, if you’re a makeup wearer or you’re on the go, it’s not always easy or practical to whip out a tube of sunscreen whilst you’re on the tube or at work. But fortunately, this dilemma (and the importance of SPF reapplication) is something that skincare brands are catching on to, and these days there are a number of SPF products specifically designed for reapplication, such as sunscreen sticks and mists.


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