I’ll admit, I’m a self-confessed magpie. Anyone who knows me will know that I’m rarely without pearl drop earrings, sometimes I pop them on before my morning walk! It’s become part of my uniform — a piece I feel incomplete without. I rarely wear necklaces but for years I’ve been searching for the chain equivalent to complete my jewellery capsule and I’ve sussed the brief — a demure piece that skims the clavicle and compliments all ensembles. Although, there’s a place for showstopping jewels too. You are speaking to a fan of Harry Winston’s designs, after all.

Having become part of the welded bracelet crew, I’m slowly adding to my permanent jewellery stack, with pieces that speak to me. Jewellery lends a charming intentionality. I adore the allure of jewels and the ambient glisten of a snaking chain that ever-so-slightly catches the light.

Minimalist jewellery usually refers to finer pieces but the common thread is a slimmer or shrunken chain. My favourite types of jewellery are the pieces you can don daily and like a wedding ring, becomes a piece you’re seldom seen without. The appeal of a simple necklace is the ability to re-wear it on myriad occasions and layer it for the desired effect, so there’s fun to be had.

The notion of simplicity is personal, of course, and I believe in dressing for individual tastes and desires. The characteristics of tennis chains, for example, may not represent simplicity for some, but there’s something timeless and indeed delicate about this style of jewel, especially when paired with pared-back apparel like a crisp poplin shirt and jeans. Or a dewdrop chain, styled with a scoop neck t-shirt and straight-leg jeans. The styling opportunities are endless and entirely personal.

Keep on reading for the 22 simple necklaces with minimalist yet impactful designs and see how some of our favourite fashion people are styling necklaces this season.


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