When I’m stuck in a style rut, it might surprise you to learn that it’s not trend-led or statement pieces that will break me out of it—instead, I take a look at my basics, items which my wardrobe is built upon, and try to identify any gaps I may have. Nine times out of ten, buying a fresh basic can help me unlock a fresh slew of outfits and rekindle love for pieces I already own. Still, although I see great value in investing in basics, I never like to spend tonnes of money on them. Shop right and I fully believe that you can find affordable basics that live up to the quality of their more expensive counterparts. You just have to know where to look. And it just so happens that I do. 

Mixing and matching has never been as effortless as when you have a strong foundation of basics to dress with, and I’ve listed eight such items that are currently the most-worn in my rotation and that you can snap up affordably. I know the the term “affordable” means different things to different people; I’ve ensured everything you see before you comes in under £100, and many pieces will be significantly below that threshold.

First on the list is a classic racer vest that forms the basis of countless ensembles, from casual denim looks to layering under statement jackets. A trend-proof pair of blue wash jeans follows suit, seamlessly transitioning from day to night. Right now, fashion people like their denim with a little slouch, so that’s where I’ve focused my efforts. Then, slide into a tailored blazer for an instant touch of polish that complements any outfit.

With these affordable basics, your outfit possibilities are as limitless as your style aspirations. Scroll on to see and shop my selection of the best affordable basics on the market right now. 


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