In the history of time, has there ever been so breakup scandal as heated, as discussed, as debated—even actor Liev Schreiber took to the New York Times’ Instagram profile to question “Why is this news?” in a now-deleted comment that took on some serious backlash from Bravo fans—as that of Vanderpump Rules’ stars Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval? 

We think not, BravoVerse, and now UK’s “number-one nail brand,” Nails.INC, is betting on the fact with their beauty-focused latest release.

“Yesterday, to the dismay of pretty much the general population, Tom Sandoval was spotted wearing white nail polish,” the brand said in an email, which concededly announced a limited-edition white polish named “For Everyone But Tom Sandoval” ($9). 

Nails.Inc For Everyone But Tom Sandoval White Nail Polish

Reality stars aside, the fully pigmented white polish boasts the brand’s long-wear formula and features a wide-hugging brush for flawless application. Plus, as the brand proclaims, the new option sprinkles a little bit of that newfound freedom Madix has found: “This allows us to take back the summer staple.”


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