Quiet-luxury is all the rage right now. At the heart of it, it’s about high-quality clothing, the absence of logos and is wrapped up with the covetable ‘look’ of stealth wealth. Popularised by Succession’s wardrobe stylist Michelle Matland, the understated and relatively modest styling on the show really emphasised how beautifully fitted and constructed clothes speak for themselves. This summer, the growing trend took off further thanks to Sofia Richie Grange’s wedding of the season and with that, the most ‘it girl’ outfits the internet has seen this year. Think vintage Chanel, maxi dresses and minimalist clean lines. The concept goes a lot deeper than the aesthetic that we’ve come to recognise, which is essentially based around a ‘classic’ style with lots of neutrals. Luckily for us, shopping with my Mindful Monday Method is particularly effective when it comes to identifying quiet-luxury fashion that’s actually worth investing in and—best of all—without having to fork out £1000 for a cashmere tank top.

Scroll down to see my top quiet-luxury fashion brands and the hero products that are doing it best this summer.


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