If the last few years have been good for anything, it’s the prolific rise of the flat shoe. During lockdowns, now which seem like a lifetime ago, we suddenly had no use for heels—no offices, date nights or parties to wear them for. But that wasn’t going to stop us shoe-loving folk from getting our fix. We got creative, trying out as many working-from-home and park walking-appropriate shoes we could find. From Birkenstocks and brogues to shearling slippers and combat boots. Never before has there been such a demand for flats, and never before has the selection been so eclectic. 

Although we’re now back to normality with plenty of excuses (none missed) to enjoy our joyful and rather impractical shoes once again. The place in our fashionable hearts for flat shoes has remained, and there’s one timeless style in particular—popular for years even before we were forced into flats—that we’re pretty sure we’ll never not wear now, and that’s loafers. 


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