As someone who has a naturally rosy complexion, I’ve largely steered clear of blusher over the years. My adolescence fell during a time where makeup wasn’t as subtle as it is now and pigment was of the highest priority (here’s looking at you, Barry M Dazzle Dust). Blushers seemed to follow suit. The last thing I wanted was to look even pinker in the face than I already did, haunted by my early forays of sweeping layers of powder blush onto my cheeks. Now, though, with so many creamy formulas that boast a delicate but buildable payoff, I was eager to see if they could help rewrite my blusher narrative. 

I like my makeup on the dewy and radiant, and have been using Chanel’s latest Les Beiges formulation—its Water-Fresh Complexion Touch Foundation—for the past few months. It gives my skin a luminosity without any sparkle; precisely what I look for in any base product. It was upon stocking up on a new bottle at my local Chanel counter that I realised the Les Beiges collection also includes a blusher. Cue my interest being instantly piqued. On impulse, I bought it without so much as testing the colour on the back of my hand. Apparently I like to live on the edge. Still, being the fan I am of the Water-Fresh Complexion Touch that I am, I was confident that if it bore even the slightest similarities in consistency I’d also enjoy the blusher. 

If I had to surmise Chanel’s Les Beige Water-Fresh Blush, it’d be glowy, which I think tells you where my review is going to go. While it might look like a gimmick, the thing that sets the Les Beiges Fresh-Water Blush apart is, get this, the water content. The blush is made up of 75% water which gives it an ultra-lightweight finish. The blush comes into play in the form of micro droplets which are discernible in the clear solution and, let me tell you, they may be small, but their pigment is seriously impressive. A handful of the colours were out of stock so I ended up grabbing the Light Pink colourway—hypocritical of me, I know!—but it turned out to be the perfect shade for my complexion. There are six in total, and while this world normally make me wary about the inclusivity of a product, in this instance, I do think the shades are considered and would work across different skin tones.

The blush itself is beyond easy to apply; pressing the pump down as gently as possible, I only need a tiny drop on the end of my short-pile makeup brush which I then dab onto each check to distribute the droplets, then I lightly blot until it’s seamless with my base—we’re talking two or three sweeps. I’m no makeup pro and even I find it a doddle to use. The colour is buildable, too, so although I’ve tried to go for a subtle payoff, you could absolutely make it more impactful should that be more your thing. 

Genuinely, alongside my Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Touch, this is hands down my best beauty buy of the year. In the interest of constructive feedback, I would say the bottle could be more streamline. It takes up more room than necessary in my makeup bag and, with a few trips planned this summer, it’s not exactly economical in terms of it fitting into a tiny plastic bag along with my other fluids at airport security. I would also like to see a more appropriate  dispenser, too; if I were to push the pump mechanism down fully, it would give out far too much product which is wasteful—a quarter press is all I need to get an adequate amount of product onto my brush. This being said, when you work out your dosage preference, I do believe this blusher will last a very, very long time. Which, of course, is what you’d want for a £42 blusher.

For transparency and as I’ve alluded, I bought this product myself and was so impressed with it, I asked if I could review it specifically. This was no freebie press sample. I love it and honestly, I think you will, too. 

Rating: 9.5/10 — I’m splitting hairs here but if I had slightly more control over the dispenser, my score would be an even 10.



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