My experience not only totally humbled me, but has over the past six months led me on a mission to rediscover rose. I’ve learned that the note really is undergoing a modern-day revival—in an attempt to banish its old-school, fuddy-duddy connotations. 

Unlike traditional rose fragrances where a top note of rose seems to overpower all other ingredients, in modern rose scents, the flower plays a supporting role. Rose works well with citrus notes for a light and fresh summer fragrance, or it can create a sultry, sexy vibe when combined with musk or oud. My favourite rose combinations, I’ve learned, are those which pair the note with sweet, fruity ones, resulting in rich, jammy scents.

Ahead, I’ve picked out the best rose perfumes that are not only fresh, fun, and modern, but also bound to get you compliments—you can thank me later.


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