I’m not blowing my own trumpet here (well, maybe a bit). I just truly consider my makeup bag collection to be elite. While I know most people might enjoy splurging on a luxury handbag, I take great joy in treating myself to a luxury makeup bag. After all, as a beauty editor, I consider them my most used and most practical accessories.

And my collection is extensive. For starters, I like to have one large makeup bag to keep at home on my dressing table. Here, I keep things that I am using on rotation—the things I like enough to pull out of my beauty storage (as a beauty editor, I require floor-to-ceiling cupboards) but not things I’m yet sold on enough to pack in my handbag. This bag needs to be large, but not too large, and accessible enough for me to be able to grab things easily, without risk of products getting buried. Then, I like to have my luxurious bags. These are typically smaller (small enough to fit in my handbag) and are there to hold only my most coveted everyday products—these are the makeup bags I leave the house with. And it’s for this reason that I love to splurge on them. While my friends show off designer handbags, my flex is my makeup bag.

Believe me when I say I’ve tried every makeup bag out there that matters. From budget buys to frankly ridiculous ones, I’ve put them all to the test. So whatever your taste and budget, keep scrolling for the 18 best makeup bags money can buy.


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