I’ve previously written about how I grew my nails, and, trust me, I’ve tried so many products to get my thin, brittle nails to thrive. I tried supplements, nail-strengthening polishes and… eating a lot of cheese in a bid to top up my calcium levels. But the one thing that really did help was a product that I had previously overlooked: cuticle oil.

In my job as a beauty editor, I continue to learn new hacks every day. If there’s one lesson I’m planning to never forget, it’s that a cuticle or nail oil is essential for healthy nails and happy cuticles. In fact, every top nail tech I’ve spoken to would tell me that it is the single best thing you can do to keep your nails and cuticles in good condition. So naturally, I listened and decided to put some of the highly rated cuticle oils to the test.

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