As we get older, our complexion decreases its production of sebum, oil and ceramides, which are essential to help strengthen the Lipid Barrier and retain moisture, keeping skin plump and firm. “Cell turnover also slows down – from about every 14 days as infants, to about 30 days in our 30s, to 60+ days as we reach our 60s,” says Chapman. 

“In fact, research suggests that by our early twenties, collagen production starts diminishing by 1% each year. Our collagen and elastin fibres become thicker and less taut, leading to slackening, a change in face shape, and a reduction in the youthful plumpness of the skin.” However it isn’t one size fits all, and someone in their 20’s may show more signs of ageing than someone in their 40s, so it’s all about being in tune with your skin.


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