Happy October, friend. 🎃 A lot of people refer to this as pumpkin spice season, but I like to call it toe bean weather. And speaking of that, I think my tabby had the best toe beans in town. Here he was at the peak of his toe bean excellence. This post was from October 1, 2017. What do you think? Weren’t those toe beans gorgeous?

Whiskers, ear tufts, tums, tails and haunches always get the cat lady love, but I think toe beans deserve more attention.

If you’re already wearing your official crazy cat lady cap, welcome! You’ll probably know what I’m talking about, but if you aren’t/don’t, allow me to extend a warm welcome to The Land of CCLs! 🙂

Second of all, you know how cat paws have those soft pads, right? With the fat pad in the center, surrounded by the four little pads under their claws? Well, in casual CCL convo, those are referred to as “toe beans,” and methinks they’re lovely.

There’s a subset of the crazy cat lady community that’s kind of obsessed with them (from my working knowledge!), and I can see why, because toe beans are THE BEST.

Now that Tabs is, you know, in the mature stage of his kitty life, his toe beans have… Well, I won’t call them wrinkles. I’ll call them “experience lines.” His toe beans have more experience lines than they used to, and his toe beans aren’t as shiny as they once were. But I still 💗 them. They’re dainty and sweet, and whenever I touch them, Tabs throws me shade, as if to say, “Lady, it’s not healthy to be so into my paws. Get a life!”

I love imagining — and this is going to sound SO crazy cat lady, but I don’t care — Tabs as a tiny kitten (I didn’t meet him until he was already one or two), nuzzling his mommy to feed and pressing his little toe beans against her tummy.

I wonder how it feels when he jumps up on my lap. Do his toe beans prefer the feel of soft sweats to scratchy jeans?

I wonder how sensitive his toe beans are. Like, when he walks downstairs in the morning and his toe beans touch the cold tiles, is he startled? Or when he jumps into bed with me, does he go “Ah…” when his toe beans touch the soft blanket? I think he does. 🙂

What color are your cat’s toe beans, and what do they look like? Are they smooth, or does your kitty have experience lines like Tabs does?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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