Happy Caturday, friend!

A certain cat lady and a lil’ spunky feline had quite the adventure at the cat clinic recently.

Rosie went in for routine vaccinations, and I learned how just gangsta she truly is. Out of all the kitties in the waiting area that day, she was the only one actively trying to escape her cat carrier, LOL!

She rocked it back and forth with her bodyweight, shot her paw out of the front to claw me (and my purse), meowed loudly to let everyone know how annoyed she was about her current situation… I mean, seriously, it was CRAY.

It was if Rosie woke up that morning and chose violence.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on how she was with the vet. She hissed and growled at the doctor so aggressively, he had to get a second set of hands to help with the shots.

I would’ve never guessed that my sweet Rosie-Pose was so combat ready.

Don’t be fooled by this girl’s face! She will mess you up. LOL!

On that note, please enjoy the cat content in this week’s reading. Meow.

This week’s reading

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Have a great rest of your Saturday, ‘k?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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