Hi, friend! Happy Saturday to ya.

About the pic up top, around these parts, back-to-school season is always marked by beautiful pink lilies that pop up alongside of the road. If you ever visit Marin county in August, you’ll see these flowers, otherwise known as the naked ladies.

It’s crazy to me that August is almost over. I got an email the other day from Connor’s second grade teachers with the schedule for the new school year, and thank goodness they did, because I totally forgot that school starts at 8:30 on the dot, ha ha ha! I seriously thought it was 9… I guess it’s been a good summer. 🙂

I think Rosie will be happy to have her quiet house back!

She spent a long time snuggling with me this morning while I drank my coffee because Connor and El Hub went fishing at the crack of dawn.

Connor recently graduated to a “big girl fishing pole” and caught her first fish! I think Rosie is very proud and not-so-secretly hoping that she’ll have some fresh nibbles to eat later when they get back. I keep telling her to lower her kitty expectations because I have a feeling Connor is a “catch and release” kind of fisherwoman.

I hope that Saturday is treating you nicely. How is life on your end?

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