Reality TV personality Guerdy Abraira, known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Miami, has made a brave and empowering decision before starting her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. The 45-year-old star recently unveiled her freshly shaved head on Instagram, explaining that she took matters into her own hands “before it falls off.”


Sharing the heartfelt moment with her followers, Abraira expressed her determination in a post that read, “CHEMO STARTS NOW.” She also revealed that her husband of more than two decades, Russell Abraira, was the one who skillfully handled the clippers. Alongside the heartfelt message, she shared a snapshot of her husband with the clippers in hand.

“This Is the New Me”

Acknowledging the challenges that lie ahead, she expressed gratitude for the humbling experience that is making her stronger. Abraria also assured her followers that she plans to experiment with wigs while embracing her new look. In a video, she confidently declared, “This is the new me, guys. Hope you like it.”

Guerdy first shared her breast cancer diagnosis two months ago, revealing that she learned the news during a regular mammogram checkup while vacationing in St. Barths. Taking a break from social media to process the information, she expressed gratitude for the caring gestures and support she received from her followers during that time.

As she prepares for her upcoming surgery and subsequent treatment plan, Guerdy remains determined and resilient. Referencing her signature phrase “guerdyfy” from the Bravo show, which encapsulates her knack for organizing extravagant events, she affirmed that she would approach this cancer battle with the same tenacity. “I will “guerdyfy” this cancer as I guerdyfy everything else in my life,” she wrote. “I am lucky that this breast cancer was discovered at an early stage—it is still scary of course, but I have love and support from those around me and that alone is the fuel that I need.”


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