“The Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation provides the most natural finish with medium buildable coverage,” shares Jafri. “It does this with high-resolution pigments that allow you to get a perfect finish without compromising the texture of the skin. Essentially, you’ll forget you are wearing any makeup.”

Skin prep can make or break the products you apply afterward, so after layering my face with my favorite serum, moisturizer, and hydrating primer, I followed Jafri’s advice to give the bottle a few pumps on the back of my hand, and use a makeup brush to start buffing and blending the foundation into my skin.

“Lack of quantity control happens with more relaxed methods like when people put dots of foundation in areas of their face and then start to blend it out from there,” warns Jafri. “This doesn’t give the dosage control that’s needed in order to create a believable finish that will enhance the natural texture of your skin—always use the back of the hand as a product reservoir and use the correct tool.”

My first reaction as I began applying? “Oh my god, this feels good.” I could immediately tell that the coverage was, indeed, weightless, but also incredibly buildable with a surprisingly satisfying amount of coverage considering how lightweight and serum-like the consistency is. And, just as Jafri had predicted during our interview, a little bit went a long, long way. “A little goes a long way in makeup, she reiterates. “The perfect finish and application involve the product, the tool, and also the technique.”

As you can see in the photo, my skin still looks like my skin. For instance, I loved that you could still see a hint of my freckles peeking through around my nose and cheeks while other “problem areas” like dark circles and some light sun-induced pigmentation had been filtered away. My skin felt like it could breathe, and it also bouncy, radiant, and healthy—without appearing overly luminous or shiny. Truly, it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a foundation, and I was floored.

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