Whether you know her as one of the iconic Real Housewives of New York or from her time as creative director of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons is a staple in our minds when it comes to all things fashion and luxury. Lyon’s signature black and gray strands and beaming smile tend to be the first to come to mind when we think of the beloved TV personality, and this week, the star opened up about the genetic disorder that caused her to need artificial teeth and hair.

This week, Jenna Lyons appeared on The View, and got real about her struggles with incontinentia pigmenti. Also known as Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome, incontinentia pigmenti is an inherited condition that gradually affects the skin and other bodily systems over time. “All my teeth are fake. I paid a lot of money for them,” the 55-year-old explained. “My hair is also fake. I can take it off. It’s like a hat. It’s not a wig.” She also noted that the condition has left her without eyelashes and covered in scars “all over [her] skin.”

Lyons went on to explain how her involvement in the fashion industry while battling this condition is what prompted her to create her own line of fake eyelashes. “I wanted to look better. I was constantly trying to find ways to fit in,” she began, “When I was doing a lot of red carpets, I kept trying to find eyelashes that looked good and they were just huge on me. I couldn’t wear them.” LoveSeen, Lyon’s line of fake eyelashes, is a direct product of her struggles with Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome and is proudly an “equal opportunity lash provider” helping customers to feel like their best selves.


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