The majority of our Deep Reviews will feature our editors’ honest, ultra-hot takes on entire product categories or multiple products from a particular beauty brand, but every so often, we’ll sprinkle in a special single-product format called Honestly, I Love It. As the name suggests, these reviews will hone in on one standout beauty formula our editors quite literally can’t shut up about. This time around, I’m highlighting Rose Inc.’s Skin Enhance Luminous Skin Tint Serum ($22).

Despite my being a beauty editor, I sometimes find it difficult to fully commit to trying new products that I have little to no exposure to. The emergence of skincare-infused makeup products have posed a unique challenge for me; as it’s somewhat of a new idea. Part of my job is noting the rise of trends in the beauty industry while taking into consideration the people, current events, and circumstances it can be linked to. When I think of skincare increasingly being incorporated into makeup; I’m immediately reminded of the strange and wild ride that was the first few months of the COVID-9 pandemic. 

Without much of a warning, we were removed from the predictable pattern of our everyday lives. For many, including me, this inspired a notable change in approach to our most basic routines (including makeup and skincare). Having more time to analyze what we wanted from our products could very well have contributed to identifying where they were failing us or, alternately, what was working. One quick browse through your favorite beauty retailer reveals what so many of us were discovering: that our makeup products don’t need to work against efforts to keep in skin healthy. In fact, the two can be combined, resulting in lines of makeup products formulated to offer major skincare benefits. 


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