As we know, fragrance has untold powers. They have the ability to transport us to past experiences, provide comfort or excitement, and can become a personal identifier, whether from a perfume or a home fragrance. By now, you’re probably already familiar with MALIN+GOETZ, whose focus on clarity and transparency is key across its range of skincare, fragrance and candles. Though I could go on about my infatuation with the brand’s straightforward products and easy-to-understand ingredients, it’s the strawberry scent that I just have to share.

Now, you should know that this isn’t your average pre-teen, strawberry-scented lip balm. No, this is a distinctly grown-up take on strawberry. MALIN+GOETZ has used its expertise to refine the fragrance of strawberries, stepping away from heavy sugariness and creating a layered, intriguing scent that adds a fresh depth to the idea of strawberry. You’ll find top notes of sparkling bergamot and pink pepper accompanying the mara strawberry, whilst a centre of jasmine petals, jasmine lactone captive and woodland greens offers balance and harmony; and a base of cedarwood, oakmoss, orris root and musk ground the scent.

The result is a fresh, comforting fragrance with an unexpected depth. And now, MALIN+GOETZ has gifted us with the introduction of a perfume oil and candle to the Strawberry Collection. Though featuring the same notes, each product offers a different scent journey and way of experiencing the core fragrance profile. 

Now, let’s explore MALIN+GOETZ’s new Strawberry Collection for 2023. 

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