For some of us, a good day at work means fewer Zooms scheduled. For others, it’s Michelle Pfeiffer walking in the front doors of your Sephora and getting the opportunity to do her makeup.

Pfeiffer recently kicked off the launch of her brand Henry Rose in Sephora, which offers fine fragrances and body cream, at the Sephora on Fifth Avenue in New York City, but she also took a moment to shop.

While she was at the retailer, Pfeiffer asked a makeup artist and Sephora employee, Lazaro Esteban Arias, for a concealer recommendation because even stars struggle to find the best coverage. 

Although Pfeiffer didn’t share the name of the illusive concealer she wound up with, Arias revealed it in the comment section of his Instagram post: Dior Forever Skin Correct Full-Coverage Concealer ($40). Perfect for covering dark circles, redness, dark spots and other blemishes.

Arias did more than make a recommendation. He also worked some magic on Pfeiffer. “I asked for a concealer [Arias] grabbed my face and had his way with me, and in all of three minutes created a miracle! I’m so grateful,” wrote Pfeiffer of her experience.


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