Memory Wire Revisited, by Cheryl Barnes

Sea glass Herringbone wrap on Memory Wire

I am a Memory Wire fan.

But, most memory wire bracelets tend to look similiar and I try to break out of that model.

I love working with various natural gemstones, metals resistant to tarnish and wire.

The oval memory wire is somewhat difficult to work with as the ovals do not line up evenly.

You will know what I mean if you take a look at the wire in the package.

I use double drilled stones, both metal and glass spacers and 4mm matching stones and seed beads.

I also do a herringbone wrap of beads onto round memory wire.

If I use a magnetic clasp, I advise a safety chain also be attached, as those clasps like to attach to shopping carts and car doors.

Memory Wire Revisited, by Cheryl Barnes

Amethyst showing the safety chain attached

Cheryl Barnes
Creative Bead Studio
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