From the get-go, Kenya Hunt has meant business as editor of British ELLE. From publishing bold, dynamic and eye-catching covers to championing size and racial diversity (which has also included advocating for the trans community with Hunter Schafer and Yasmin Finney made cover stars). You could say, not eben two full years into her tenure, Hunt’s role as editor at the magazine is off to a stellar start.
For November 2023, Hunt enlists models model Mayowa Nicholas as cover girl, with models always making for a much-welcomed sight on our beloved fashion magazines (because it has become quite a rarity, in all honesty). Photographed by Ronan Mckenzie and with Tess Herbert on styling duties, the Nigerian beauty gazes down Mckenzie’s lens wearing an embellished dress from Celine in the monochromatic portrait cover shot.

UK Elle November 2023 : Mayowa Nicholas by Ronan McKenzie

Yet the cover had members of our forums a divided bunch. Forum member matheus_s was quick to describe UK ELLE‘s latest as “chic”.
“I like the simplicity. She looks prim and proper,” admired oaklee91.
“Always a pleasure to see models on the covers of British fashion magazines, and it’s just an added bonus when the outcome is just as pleasant as this. The cover itself may not be the most fiercest or most fabulous I’ve seen but I do love how monochromatic it is – feels like a total palate cleanser after last month’s jazzy offering,” commented vogue28.
Sharing the same positive attitude was SLFC, enthusing: “Mayowa definitely saved this. She’s too beautiful!”
Although not all of our forum members were in agreement. “What a waste of Mayowa. Not her fault here but that of the art direction. She’s been so underrated. Mayowa is capable of delivering a stellar cover!” voiced a disapproving badgalcrush.
“While she looks very beautiful and elegant, the cover feels incredibly bland. Can’t say that I like it,” stated aracic.
A bland or beautiful cover? See more of Mayowa Nicholas as British ELLE‘s latest cover girl and join the conversation, here.

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