I’ve been using Bala Bangles for years, but when I was pregnant with my first they became staples at every workout. There were so many moves I couldn’t do or had to modify, Bala was a way for me to keep my workouts challenging despite the modifications. Once I gave birth the bangles stayed glued to my body and I’m now still using them for baby #2. The difference in definition is incredible, but not just with arms – they can help with overall body tone as well.

With that in mind we turned to Casey Cohen, NASM, CFSC, pre/post-natal certified, ELI performer at Life Time and global resident trainer for Technogym, to get her insight on how to use Bala Bangles to level up low impact ab exercises.

Note you don’t need to use Bala, any arm/ankle weights will work, but none are as comfortable. Balas don’t snag, slip, etc. During the pandemic when they were backordered I was “forced” to order knockoffs as I wasn’t in NYC where my set was – not only did they slip and snag, they often downright fell apart!

With that said, here’s a look at three moves to sculpt your abs.

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