Following in the footsteps of sisters Kim (SKIMS) and Khloe (Good American), Kylie Jenner is launching a clothing line and has seemingly christened the venture Khy. The American reality TV star, social media sensation and bonafide beauty mogul took to Instagram yesterday, to share with her followers (all 398 million… and counting!) of the upcoming launch, teasing with a caption which simply read “meet khy”. The Instagram post saw Kylie sat on a carpeted floor wearing a black (faux?) leather coat (and a pair of red Ferragamo heels), tagging the official page of the brand (which has since been removed and the official account no showing zero posts).
As of now, users can sign up for “early access” to Kylie’s latest project over on the brand’s website, despite no official release date.

Forum Members React to Kylie Jenner Launching a Clothing Line

From the get-go, members of theFashionSpot forums were soon deliberating over the announcement. “A black leather coat… groundbreaking,” said Polynpon.
“Like Fenty in 2019. So dated,” scoffed kasper.
“This explains why her stylist and PR team gave her a makeover and all those front row fashion week invites for the last year. They can carpet-bomb Vogue and every surviving fashion website and Instagram account out there with constant puff pieces about how ‘chic’ and ‘fashion-forward’ she or that family are now, but Kylie Jenner will never be anything but tacky,” voiced Drusilla.
Also unwilling to jump for joy over the launch of Khy was Nimsay, commenting: “The Ks are Kancelled. This will flop spectaKularly. That coat gives PU from China energy. Haven’t seen trash that trashy in a while.”
“That preview shot is giving old Bottega Veneta lookbook by Tyrone Lebon vibes,” Thefrenchy pointed out.
Are you here for Khy? Add your own two cents on Kylie Jenner adding creative director to her résumé over on theFashionSpot forums, here.

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