If it seemed like all of Hollywood was magically uprooted and transported to Cannes this past week-plus-and-counting, that wouldn’t be a totally inaccurate assumption. As stars like Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart hit the red carpet for the 76th annual film festival, the new-movie hype was happening, as were some very have-to-know-what-they-wore glowing glam looks.

One closely guarded skin-care secret: The science-powered Orveda skin-care suites—aka, Le Studio Orveda—set up over a few rooms in the Carlton Cannes. The just-reopened “Grand Dame” hotel serves as a bit of a home base for the festival, while the French bio-tech brand also has some exciting newness hitting shelves this fall in the form of the new OmniPotent Concentrate. The innovative, clinically backed serum will be available at Saks in August, and on a wider scale come September; CEO of Coty, Sue Y. Nabi, who also co-founded Orveda, even goes as far to coin it as “perhaps the most potent serum of all time.”

“As part of our continued quest to power beauty with cutting-edge science, Orveda has created OmniPotent Concentrate, a new serum that sits at the crossroads of scientific innovation in the areas of microbiome and cellular longevity,” said Orveda CEO Nicolas Vu. “OmniPotent Concentrate has shown very strong clinical results and is expected to further cement Orveda’s leading position at the nexus of innovation, beauty and wellness.”

While Orveda can’t fully divulge all the faces that graced the aesthetician’s table to test out the release, actress Naomie Harris posted on social media that her glow was courtesy of a signature facial, complete with the new-serum step.

We got an inside look at the release (and the green jewel box of a room) last week before the flurry of the festival, and the serum is, in a word, serious. Like all the brand’s products, it’s not disruptive to even the most sensitive skin types and it’s not overly complicated to use and weave into a standing skin-care routine. Yes, it’s luxe (the Cannes crowd isn’t known for being casual), but it also has the science and the clinicals to back up all its cutting-edge, glowing-skin claims. Stay tuned.


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