With over 30 million pieces available and 140,000 new listings every day on Depop alone, it can seem a little overwhelming to start searching. Many secondhand platforms have filters and the feature to add hashtags, specifically Depop and Vinted. “You can shop vintage easily on Vinted simply by using filters to narrow down your choices—just choose “Vintage” in the Brand filter. You can then filter by colour, material, condition, etc. to really hone in on specifics. You can also shop by searching the most relevant hashtags, so searching #vintage would work well too,” advises Blanchard.

The spokesperson for Depop tells us, “Y2K, streetwear, one-of-a-kind and vintage are some of the most prevailingly popular categories, search terms, hashtags and aesthetics we’ve seen on Depop over the past few years. Trends tend to start emerging earlier on Depop, but we’ve seen this crossover at mass scale in the last six months.” 

Vinted and Depop alongside Vestiaire, Etsy and eBay allow you to follow sellers, which can be particularly useful when you find that you and the seller share a similar aesthetic or size. I regularly click on the seller’s name to spy on their other items in case I get lucky!

One more thing is alerts! Set a notification on apps such as Vestiaire to notify you if something gets listed, such as a particular brand or style that you’ve been lusting after. Getting used to all of these features allows the apps to feel a little less daunting in filtering out all of the unnecessaries. 

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