But before we get into it, one thing to note. Flaws are fine but it depends which ones. Damage to shoes is more or less expected, especially if the product listing doesn’t describe it as ‘new with box’ or ‘never worn before’. Some flaws are acceptable – for example, a scuff on real leather (patent leather is a no no, it’s very difficult to restore) can be fixed if you’re willing to pay for it. Leather soles are extremely common with designer shoes and often, these need resoling. This is still more affordable than buying a brand new pair outright. You may even come across listings of shoes that have a rubber sole attached to them – don’t be put off, the seller has saved you the trouble! However, issues that are irreversible or would require a specialist to resolve, such as yellowing on plastic shoes, water damage, stretched out shoes (if leather, water and a hairdryer may do the trick but can only go so far), split soles that happen frequently with poor quality plastic moulds or bubbling/ puckering on the surface aren’t ideal finds, no matter how good you think the deal is!


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