“Concealer is an essential in my make-up kit for so many reasons,” says Clarkson. “From covering blemishes, to brightening the under eye or adding that extra bit of coverage just where needed—I also love to use a fuller coverage concealer with a really light-weight base to make the perfect custom coverage for my client.” It’s true, concealer is a really versatile product which can be used for everything from sculpting and contouring as well as for concealing and covering. “You can use it to lift dark circles under the eye, contour the eye socket to add definition, make the nose appear smaller, and even use it under your contour for sharper looking cheek bones,” adds Clarkson.

Like any makeup product, if you want to achieve a flawless finish and long-lasting coverage, application techniques make all the difference. “Placement and texture is important when it comes to concealing as adding too much or the wrong product can emphasis the area and draw attention,” explains Clarkson. “For example applying the wrong texture of concealer under the eye can be ageing and drying on the skin.”


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