We don’t know where you’ve been if you weren’t aware that Harper’s Bazaar Italia relaunched (to great fanfare) back in 2022, with the magazine’s first reintroduction to print for December giving us a trifecta of terrific Alix Bouthers, Vittoria Ceretti and Assa Baradji covers. Now, six issues in and under the control of editor Daria Veledeeva, Craig McDean captures models Mila Van Eeten and Maty Fall for October 2023. The two models-of-the-moment take to two separate print covers for the occasion, both complete with styling from Katie Shillingford. In cover one (below), Mila who hails from the Netherlands poses on the studio floor wearing a sequined Gucci dress and red kitten heels from the Italian fashion house, while Senegalese-Italian beauty Maty (after the jump) is styled in head-to-toe Christian Dior.

Harper’s Bazaar Italia October 2023 : Mila van Eeten & Maty Fall by Craig McDean

Call the members of forums impressed. “I like it!” simply stated mikel upon checking out Mila’s cover.
“I like it too, replied DK92 in agreement. “Simple yet different!”
“Craig McDean still got it, I like this cover a lot,” approved fenty.
Forum member Ihhbl commented: “Maty looks lovely, as always! She’s such a beautiful girl. Mila’s cover is more captivating though. Good use of angles!”
“Both covers are charming. The first one makes Mila look like a fairy, so cute and innocent,” admired oaklee91.
“I really like the first one. It feels like a reference to Bazaar under Nancy White in the 1960s. A smart way to play with the layout,” commended blueorchid.
Vogue28 shared the same level of enthusiasm, adding: “Mila Van Eeten’s cover is fabulous. I usually loathe rotated cover imagery (i.e. the August cover of Vogue France) but this is a prime of example of how rotated imagery can work perfectly, with an artistic and stylized effect. The cover itself is so simple, yet so effective and the whole minimalism works wonders. A firm 10/10 from me!”
“This is, as the headline suggests, alluring!” voiced dmliev.

Harper’s Bazaar Italia October 2023 : Mila van Eeten & Maty Fall by Craig McDean

See more from the October 2023 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Italia and share your thoughts, here.

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