Throughout 2023, Vanity Fair hasn’t exactly produced an array of buzz-worthy covers for us to rave over. Not even the magazine’s annual Hollywood edition broke the internet. You could argue VF‘s best cover over the past twelve months, was just last month when Radhika Jones resurrected a previously-unpublished photograph of Barbra Streisand. Closing out the year fronting the title’s double December 2023/January 2024 is Greta Gerwig, who after a mega successful year with the release of the critically-acclaimed Barbie movie poses for photographer Norman Jean Roy. In the serene cover portrait, the American actress, writer and director cozies up in a knitted Louis Vuitton sweater, selected for the occasion by stylist Natasha Royt.

Vanity Fair December 2023/January 2024 : Greta Gerwig by Norman Jean Roy

Vanity Fair‘s latest, however, had our forum members divided in their opinion. “Norman Jean Roy is on a roll. It seems like he’s taking a lot of the jobs that would have been for Annie Leibovitz,” expressed DK92.

“Oh wow! I have admired Greta for ages and I am so happy for her. This cover is so beautiful,” instantly approved forum member iriswills.

“It is a lovely side portrait. The color palette reflects the winter months,” admired MModa.

“The colors do indeed reflect the colder months perfectly,” replied vogue28. “I do, however, loathe of the use of a side portrait as a cover image. The cover overall just feels rather lifeless, cold and uninviting.”

“I like Greta Gerwig and what she has produced. This cover is just alright,” oaklee91 chimed in.

Mepps most certainly wasn’t feeling it, commenting: “The cover is as dull as she is!”

Are you a fan? Share your own thoughts on Vanity Fair‘s latest and join the conversation, here.


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