Jennifer Lopez has truly defined her personal style and rarely strays from it, however I can’t help but question the practicality of her outfit on her most recent trip to the airport. We all know celebrities are often exempt from sensible decision making when travelling, but the decision to wear a denim boiler suit seems, well, a tad impractical. Again, no issues with denim, obviously, but wearing a one-piece on a flight? That’s a no from me, J.Lo. In fact, it breaks my cardinal rule of airport dressing: no jumpsuits. 

Aside from the fact that she may or may not have been flying private, the issue remains: who wants to get naked in an airport bathroom? Not me, and probably not Mrs. Affleck, either. There’s no denying that onesie looks like a comfy option for a flight, but allow me to suggest an easier way to get a similar look: baggy jeans

Yes, it’s still wearing jeans to the airport, but at least you don’t have to disrobe completely if and when nature calls at 35,000 feet. Imagine the chill! Ahead, check out 9 pairs of wide-leg jeans that we love, and maybe even Jennifer Lopez will consider wearing the next time she takes flight.  


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