Were side parts ever truly out of style? When it comes to 2023 hair trends, the answer is a resounding no. After a lengthy debate and discussion between Gen Zers and millennials over a number of social media platforms (I’m looking at you, TikTok users), we seem to have arrived at a conclusion: Sticking to one or the other doesn’t have to be a declaration of dedication by the wearer. Even I, as a beauty editor who’s jumped between the middle part and a side part with both natural and chemically processed hair, have struggled to claim one over the other.

To prove it, I’ve scoured the internet and identified 11 ways some of social media’s biggest fashion people have opted to style their tresses with side parts. Whether it’s styled with slicked-back buns, crimped waves, or diffused natural curls, the side part has been a cornerstone of hairstyling that has continued to defy time. So why not try it out? Keep scrolling to discover 11 fashion person–approved ways to style your side part and every easy-to-use product you’ll need to make them happen.


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