Whether it’s bringing awareness to women’s issues via slogan t-shirts or commissioning female photographers to capture Christian Dior’s advertising campaigns – there’s zero denying Maria Grazia Chiuri is all about female empowerment as Dior’s creative director. From Brigitte Lacombe to Brigitte Niedermair, we’ve encountered a whole multitude of female creatives producing imagery for the fabled French fashion house and Niedermair is back for Cruise 2024. Presented back in May on location in Mexico City, the collection boasts influences of traditional Mexican heritage both ancient and contemporary, and the accompanying campaign images also pays tribute to Mexico’s rich and artisanal heritage. Models Ana Miguel, Ana Oliveira, Celic Dorig, Maryel Uchida, Sara Caballero and Sara Esparza assemble before Niedermair’s lens, while paying tribute to the late famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Christian Dior Cruise 2024 by Brigitte Niedermair

Members of our forums soon began discussing Christian Dior’s latest campaign. “The theme inspired by Mexican arts looks really refreshing,” OllieJE admired.
“An obvious inspiration from Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘The Two Fridas’. It looks really beautiful and as a Frida Kahlo lover myself, I’m biased on my liking of this picture (above), however did they have to be this literal?” asked WAVES.
“I can’t wait for someone to break this century-long fast for Dior to have a good campaign,” chimed in DK92.
“Another awful Christian Dior advertising campaign under Maria Grazia Chiuri to add to the list. It all looks so stiff, lifeless, and completely devoid of energy. In all honesty, the campaigns are by an absolute mile the element I loathe and resent most about MGC as Dior’s creative director. Dreadful, season after season,” complained a disapproving vogue28.

Christian Dior Cruise 2024 by Brigitte Niedermair

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