When Chanel introduced a lipstick sheathed in a faceted glass case, it wasn’t merely an object of desire; it was an artistic marvel captivating fans and followers like never before. Chanel’s 31 Le Rouge lipsticks are a glassy marvel, enchanting as Cinderella’s glass heels, exuding a similar magical allure.

The Inspiration Behind the Lipstick:

Dubbed a “true technical feat” by the French couturier house, the lipstick case boasts no trace of plastic. Entrusted to a Japanese glassmaker, the lipstick case draws inspiration from the legendary mirrored Art Deco staircase at 31 Rue Cambon apartment in Paris.

Chanel’s iconic apartment at 31 Rue Cambon serves as a muse for many creations. Perched atop a Chanel boutique and couture salon, this apartment embodies the essence of Mademoiselle Chanel and her universe. Hence, you know a Chanel lipstick is truly unique when it forsakes its iconic black case and transforms entirely into glass and aluminum, capturing the essence of the coveted apartment.

Sylvie Legastelois, Chanel’s Director of Packaging Creation and Graphic Identity, expressed in an interview with All I.C. magazine, “I didn’t want an ounce of plastic in this object. I wanted to look to the future. To create a glass lipstick was a dream.” The process of creating the 31 Le Rouge lipstick took four years, from the case to the individual shades, making each piece an exceptional work of art.

The Shades & Hues of the 31 Le Rouge Collection:

An elegant white-lacquer box, holding one 31 Le Rouge lipstick and two refills, lets you pick from the 12 available satin hues. The carefully curated shades channel the creative spirit of Chanel’s couture creations, ateliers, and iconic apartments. Formulated with Chanel’s exclusive Gardenia Oil, these lush shades promise intense hues, a satin finish, and extended wearability. The enriching ingredients make lips appear moisturized, firmer, and smoother than other lipsticks.

1. ROUGE BEIGE shade of the 31 Le Rouge lipstick collection, reminiscent of Chanel evening gowns, is a pearly beige hue with an impeccable finish, perfect for daytime wear.

2. ROUGE CROISIÈRE, a corally peach shade with a vibrant sheen, exudes a lovely summertime vibe, paying homage to Chanel’s mid-season Cruise shows.

3. ROUGE ROMAN, an intense rosewood shade in the 31 Le Rouge lipstick collection, is inspired by the leather-bound books in the 31 Rue Cambon apartment’s library. Upon application, it imparts a silky purplish hue. 

4. ROUGE FLOU captures the essence of flowy chiffon, voile, and silk fabrics with its bright, warm, reddish hue reminiscent of creations at the apartment.

5. ROUGE PREMIER, with its scarlet red shade, celebrates the memory of Mademoiselle Chanel, offering a nod to her daily ritual — a sweep of lipstick that also marked her arrival at work. 

6. ROUGE IMAGINAIRE brings a bold touch with its pearlescent fuchsia shade, paying homage to the bold Eastern-inspired vision in all of Chanel’s collections.

7. ROUGE PRIVÉ adds a mystical quotient in the 31 Le Rouge Lipstick collection with its brownish beauty. It celebrates the mysterious elements in the Chanel collections.

8. ROUGE FÉTICHE, a deep crimson shade in the 31 Le Rouge lipstick collection, is a touch of good luck, reminiscent of the ribbons that Mademoiselle wore for good luck.

9. ROUGE TAILLEUR, a luxurious raspberry red, draws inspiration from the braided trims of Chanel jackets, known for adding structure to the fashion looks.

10. ROUGE BYZANTIN, a burnish red in the 31 Le Rouge lipstick collection, imparts a brownish plum silky hue inspired by the House’s symbolic Baroque-type jewelry.

11. ROUGE COROMANDEL draws inspiration from the Coromandel screens lining the Rue Cambon apartment, offering a beautiful reddish-brown shade that flatters every skin tone.

12. ROUGE 2.55, described as a deep garnet red, pays homage to the legendary Chanel handbags.

Priced at $195 each, every lipstick comes wrapped in a leather sleeve, providing protection for the faceted glass case. Choose from black, white, or silver sleeves to suit your preference.

Essentially, the 31 Le Rouge lipsticks are more than a collection. They encapsulate everything that defines Chanel as a brand—its essence, values, and standing in the fashion world. To say the least, they are true gems—lipsticks that look like diamonds and glide like a dream.


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