Carrie Underwood recently captivated her Instagram followers by posting a makeup-free photo of herself confidently donning a bikini. The snapshot not only showcased her radiant complexion but also highlighted her toned physique. And at 40 years young, she looks better than ever.

Underwood’s commitment to fitness is well-known, as she has openly spoken about her dedication to maintaining a strong and healthy body. In various interviews, Carrie has emphasized the importance of regular exercise and finding joy in physical activity.

Underwood has extended her passion for fitness to the digital realm with her app. Aptly named Fit52, the app provides users with access to workout programs, nutrition guidance, and a supportive community. With a focus on balance, the app encourages users to incorporate fitness into their daily lives, empowering them to make long-term lifestyle changes.

Instagram: @carrieunderwood

Underwood’s flawless skin is also on full display in the photo, which is a testament to her commitment to skin care. She has spoken about her simple skin-care routine in previous interviews—discover her favorite under-$20 moisturizer here—and constantly highlights the roles staying hydrated and getting enough sleep play in maintaining a healthy complexion.

From the bright sunshine to her toned bod, we’ll have what Underwood’s having this summer and beyond.


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