Throughout 2023, Anna Wintour’s choice in subjects for the front covers of American Vogue have been largely recycled faces (such as Kate Winslet) with the odd new face (like Erykah Badu and Olivia Rodrigo) thrown in for the sake of variety and good measure. Another face we’ve seen before on the cover of American fashion bible is welcomed back with Wintour’s open arms, with the unveiling of the magazine’s November 2023 edition. Carey Mulligan, now a four-time American Vogue cover girl, poses for photographer Jack Davison in the unconventional profile cover image, with stylist Tonne Goodman dressing the English actress in an intriguing dress from Nicolas Ghesquière’s Resort 2024 collection for Louis Vuitton.

US Vogue November 2023 : Carey Mulligan by Jack Davison

Members of our forums, however, won’t be making a mad dash for a newsstand anytime soon. “I’m happy for Carey but I don’t like anything about this… I’m sure there were better cover pictures,” said kokobombon upon seeing the cover.
“What the f**k,” exclaimed mikel.
“Too much going on, huh? Nothing really stands out. This was a terrible cover choice,” echoed an underwhelmed KINGofVERSAILLES.
Vogue28 wasn’t feeling it either, adding: “One big mess and one massive blur! How the mighty have fallen, when you look back at American Vogue covers throughout the years when everything was so direct, polished and oozed a sense of glamour. The photography here is awful, as is the lighting which resembles one of those hideous Instagram filters.”
“Why are they hiding her face?” asked HodanChloe.
MON felt the same way, echoing: “Why even bother featuring her if there’s a blatant attempt to conceal her face. That’s odd. The cover leaves much to be desired.”
Take a peek at Carey Mulligan’s accompanying Vogue cover feature and share your thoughts, here.

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