Brandi Glanville, known for her turn in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, took to Twitter to address rumors about her plastic surgery. In a series of tweets, the 50-year-old reality TV star claimed that she had never undergone any plastic surgery on her face. However, she did express her plans to change that in the future.


Glanville mentioned her admiration for fellow reality TV star Teddi Mellencamp, who had recently gone public with her lower facelift and necklift procedure. “I do plan on getting a lower face and necklift like @TeddiMellencamp at some point soon,” Glanville tweeted.

The catalyst for Glanville’s candid admission was the “mean comments” she says she constantly gets about her appearance, including in a recent post where her features appeared to look different. The star says the comments were bothering her children. She assured her followers that her children were aware of her cosmetic history and know she hasn’t had surgery. “They know the truth,” Glanville claimed. “I’ve never been in bandages.”

Although fans continue to speculate about her face, she says she isn’t afraid to have something done if she wants to. “I think she looks amazing, and I will eventually do my upper eyelids,” she said when referencing Mellencamp’s transformation. “I don’t know when because I have to have time for down time and right now luckily I don’t.”

In 2012 Glanville told us she’d only ever had a breast augmentation. “I had a breast augmentation after I had the two boys, but other than that surgery-wise, that’s the only surgery I’ve had. But I’ve had fillers and Botox and I’m the first one in line for any new laser that comes out.”


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