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You don’t have to be a beauty buff or even a Bethenny Frankel fan to fall down a rabbit hole watching her TikTok and Instagram skincare and cosmetic product reviews. The reality star turned entrepreneur turned beauty buff gives brutally honest reviews with her classic “no B.S.” mix of humor and sarcasm.

While she claims to have long been into skincare, Frankel said she fell into reviewing beauty products because she grew tired of not knowing how to do her own makeup. What makes Frankel so appealing is that she is so casual with her approach. She doesn’t seem paid off (because she isn’t…) like most of the influencers and celebrities reviewing and posting about products online.

Frankel herself says that she doesn’t wear makeup day-to-day and pokes fun at her newly minted status as a beauty influencer. In line, with her casual and honest approach she often highlights how luxury brands are no better than drugstore brands. In fact, many of her favorite products are drugstore ones! Most notably she has said that Nivea beats La Mer when it comes to face cream.

So, what other products does Frankel love?

Keep reading for a look at the ones the former reality star says are worth opening your wallet for.

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