Minimal makeup for the win!

What beauty-related tasks can you do well?

Painting nails? Coloring your hair? Waxing your brows?

For me, I’m OK at the following:

  • Painting nails — I can do simple manis/pedis, which is all I need.
  • Styling my hair — I can do most styles on my hair, as long as I watch a tutorial.
  • Waxing — I can do everything except my brows. I tried to do my brows once and it was a disaster!
  • Brows — Speaking of brows, I’m OK at plucking and shaping mine.
  • Minimal makeup — Because it’s been my jam for like YEARS now, ha ha ha!
  • Pairing eye/cheek/lip colors together — Even though I haven’t worn a full-on glam look in a while, I think that I did enough makeup in the past to still know what shades work together without needing my hand held.
  • False lashes — I rarely wear them anymore, but I tried putting on a pair a while back and it was just like riding a bike.

How about you? What beauty-related tasks can you do well?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy Tuesday! I took an early morning walk and was reminded by Hawaii just how beautiful she is. The clouds, the water, the trees — Oahu is truly magical.

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