SKIN AT WORK The Protagonist ($58)

Your skin-care routine just got a whole lot simpler and a whole lot more effective with Skin at Work’s The Protagonist. This all-in-one hydrating serum works to firm, tighten, tone, smooth and plump all at once. “Skin care has gotten increasingly complicated over the last 5 years and the amount of choice is positively daunting, even for a 30 year skin-care veteran like me,” says founder and CEO, Thomas Smith. “Whenever I visit family or friends they are always so confused about what to buy, when to use, how to use, etc.  So I created these formulas for them: my mom, my sister, all of my peeps (including myself!) so they could have maximum results with the simplest, and I mean the SIMPLEST, skin-care routine possible. That’s how SKIN AT WORK was born.”

Use code NEWBEAUTY30 for extra savings at! Valid through 10/31.

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